Assembly 22nd august

22nd August Assembly Class- II
Theme –Indoor games
Thought– Indoor games were originally invented to help
people amuse themselves within the confines of their homes.
They were invented to pass time at home when, either the
weather was bad
Speech– Leisure time is time to enjoy ourselves and to enliven
our spirits. Besides outdoor games, there are some indoor
games, which can be played in a room. Table tennis is one of
these games. It requires a table with a small net. Carrom Board
is another game, which requires two to four players to play.
Ludo and chess are also interesting which require
concentration’ on the part of the player. These games give us
an opportunity to spend our time enjoyingly.
L&T commits to Green Energy, plans $2.5 billion investment In
next 3-4 Years
Rupee gains sharply against the dollar, tracking a fall in oil
New Zealand to temporarily boost worker intake, change
immigration rules
Words for the day:
leisure – relaxation, ease
enliven – to give life, brighten
spirits – courage
concentration – attention, engrossment
scrutiny – inspection, analysis
Name of the students:
Prayer: Ayushi
Pledge: Kritika
Thought: Kartik
News: Mayank
Speech: Rudra

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