Assembly-29th July

29th July.                  Assembly.                Class VI

Theme: International Tiger Day

Thought: Save the tigers before they are silenced forever. Killing tigers is the greed, not the need. Save Tiger! Save Nature!

Speech: Tiger is a wild animal found in deep forests, wildlife centuries and now in zoos as well. They are helpful in maintaining the ecosystem as they are carnivorous in nature.

But it is really sad to say, that we are only left with few. Saving them is the only option left. Save tiger was an initiative taken by the government of India in 1973 to put a ban on illegal hunting and poaching of tigers. As hunting of tigers was a favourite pastime for kings. Tigers started decreasing in number. Saving them has become a matter of concern for many parts of the world. If the tigers go extinct the whole system will be disturbed. The need of the hour is that such beautiful and royal species should be preserved and protected if we don’t want to hear them in stories like dinosaurs. We as students should also help the government in spreading awareness among people and also work towards protecting our environment. A proper check on tigers should be done in both forests and zoos by the government.

News: One of the biggest setbacks for a rich medal haul for India came when shooting was dropped from the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Shooting and archery, which was also dropped, are India’s events where the nation’s athletes have made it to the podium finish multiple times. Of the total medals India has won so far, nearly 27 per cent were won in shooting only.

Words for the day:

Yell -a loud, sharp cry of pain, surprise, or delight.

Violation – the action of violating someone or something.

Apparently – as far as one knows or can see.

Assault – make a physical attack on.

Gush – speak or write effusively or with exaggerated enthusiasm

Name of the students:

Prayer – Roushan

Pledge – Ansh

Thought – Aamna

News – Arpita

Speech – Arush

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