Assembly-10th October

10th October.                      Assembly.                        Class II

Theme: Pongal

Thought: Throughout the year, in all religions, in all seasons; we Indians find reasons, to worship almost everything and everyone; from people to Gods; from animals to plants; from planets to stars. So our spirits are always high with small surprises of life, we cherish meeting and greeting people, for we celebrate every aspect of being human.

Speech: Pongal, the harvest festival of the southern part of India, binds together the community of those who work day and night for the entire nation. The festivals related to the harvest season occupy a completely different place in the hearts of those who celebrate it. Villages who are associated with agriculture primarily are the ones for whom Pongal is meant to be technical. But then there is a sense of dedication to God and his benevolence for giving the agricultural season with perfect blends of sunshine and rain. Pongal means to boil over in Tamil.

News: A tiger that had killed nine people in Bagha in Bihar’s West Champaran district was shot dead on Saturday. This followed after the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) gave permission to kill the tiger.

The government has sent a notice to Chief Justice of India Uday Umesh Lalit to name his successor.

Words for the day: –

primarily – for the most part; mainly.

binds – stick together or cause to stick together in a single mass.

aspect – a particular part or feature of something.

benevolence – the quality of being well meaning; kindness.

candid – truthful and straightforward; frank.

Name of the students

Prayer – Satyen Singh and Amrit

Pledge – Athrav Anand

Thought – Aizah Fatima

Speech – Ayushi

News – Aaradhya Singh

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