Assembly-12th December

12th December.                  Assembly.                    Class III

Theme: Nature – A boon for all

Thought:Everyone loves greenery but no one wants to be the reason behind it.

Speech: Nature is the mother of all, as it helps to sustain our life. It is our companion since eternity. Despite the importance of nature in human life, we are spoiling its balance only due to our greediness. Millions of years ago, when the knowledge of man was not better than an animal. At that time man used to get all the things needed for life only from nature. Even today, at the heights of science, our requirements are met by nature only. Nature is a boon given to us, as it protects crores and crores of organisms living on the earth. It gives us forests which are the lungs of Earth.

News: There are strong possibilities of Russian President Vladimir Putin attending the G20 summit to be held in September 2023 in New Delhi, India. This was told by Russia’s G20 Sherpa, Svetlana Lukash to the news agency Tass. Actually, India is now presiding over the G20 countries.

Argentina beat Netherlands 4-3 in the penalty shoot-out in the second quarter-final of the FIFA World Cup, 2022 at the Lausanne Stadium in Al Dayen, Qatar. Argentina will face Croatia in the semi-finals on 14 December.

Words for the day:

Incriminate – to provide evidence that somebody is guilty of a crime

Indelicate – tactless or rude

Indeed – used to emphasize a statement 

Inconstant– frequently changing 

Incompatible – not able to exist, or to live or work together.

Name of the students:

Prayer -Samarth Bhardwaj

Pledge – Udabhav Singh

Thought – Abhiraj

News – Ranveer Kumar

Speech – Divya Raj

Host – Apurv Choudhary

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