Assembly-14th December

14th December.                      Assembly.                         Class I and VIII

Theme: Major environmental movements 

Thought: We in this generation, must come to terms with nature, and I think we’re challenged as mankind has never been challenged before to prove our maturity and our mastery, not of nature, but of ourselves.

Speech: An environmental movement is a type of social movement that involves an array of individuals, groups and coalitions that perceive a common interest in environmental protection and act to bring about changes in environmental policies and practices. 

Environmental and ecological movements are among the important examples of the collective actions of several social groups. Major reasons for the emergence of environmental movements in India are as follows:

  • Control over natural resources
  • Right of access to forest resources
  • Non-commercial use of natural resources
  • Social justice/human rights
  • Socioeconomic reasons
  • Environmental degradation/destruction and
  • Spread of environmental awareness and media

News: India’s urban population contributes 63% to the gross domestic product (GDP), which is expected to rise to 75% by 2030. 

Words for the day:

Lope – run with a long bounding stride

Lordly – proud or superior

Loath – unwilling

Lionize – treat as a celebrity

Limber – warm up before exercise 

Name of the students:

Prayer – Kushagr Kumar Singh

Pledge -Prakrit Bhardwaj

Thought – Hem Aryan

News – Ayush

Speech – Prince

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