Assembly-14th May

14th May                                    Assembly                              Class II

Theme: Humanitarians who changed history.

Thought: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?

Speech:  Being a humanitarian means helping people who are suffering and saving lives any time any place in the world. One of the famous humanitarian who changed history was Nelson Mandela. Imprisoned for more than two decades would have broken most people. But not Nelson Mandela. Apart from being the first person of color to become president of South Africa, he was also credited for ending the apartheid. For those who don’t know, apartheid is a term used for the racial segregation policies enforced for decades in South Africa. Throughout his term, he worked hard to achieve national unity. After all that he’s been through, he could have easily taken revenge on the injustices he suffered. Instead, he choose to adopt a policy of reconciliation.

 News: Kidambi Srikanth-led team have an opportunity to become the first side from the country to reach the final of the Thomas and Uber Cup prestigious team tournament.

Words for the day:

Intellect – a person’s mental powers.

Cast – cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface.

Replenish – restore (a stock or supply) to a former level or condition.

Teem – be full of

Team – two or more people working together.

Name of student:

Prayer – Navya

Pledge – Ayushi

Thought – Aarav

News – Kritika

Speech – Adriti

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