Assembly – 14th October

14th October.                          Assembly.                       Class IV

Theme: Northeast festivals

Thought:The richness and depth of celebrations express a culture accurately.

Speech: The numerous tribes and sub tribes that populate remote North East India have many rich traditions and faiths, expressed most colourfully in festivals. By far the biggest and most well known celebration is the Hornbill Festival which takes place in Nagaland each year, but there are many others around the region. Each one is a chance to showcase the unique culture, dance and music of the state and its people, and although most are reasonably new events, they are staged to promote and preserve ancient traditions at risk of dying out as young people increasingly leave their remote villages to find work and education in towns and cities.

News: Ahead of the festival of Diwali and the accompanying celebrations, the Chennai City police commissioner has released a list of restrictions being imposed for the welfare of citizens.

Indian Army Dog Zoom, who was under treatment at the army’s veterinary hospital in Srinagar, passed away.

Words for the day:

tumble – fall suddenly

tinkle – make or cause to make a light, clear ringing sound.

bobbing – make a quick, short movement up and own.

overrated – have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved.

sparse – thinly dispersed or scattered.

Name of the students:

Prayer – Atharavanand

Pledge – MD. Hamzah and Ritwik

Thought – Samanyu

News – Kumari Vedika

Speech – Ishaan

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