Assembly-15th December

15th December.                              Assembly.                  Class VI

Theme: Chipko Movement

Thought: No WOMAN ever had to hug a tree to protect it. The concept of hugging a tree to defend it was so powerful, it brought in a new consciousness to the country that put the environment at its centre.

Speech: Chipko Movement, started in 1970’s, was a nonviolent movement aimed at protection and conservation of trees and forests from being destroyed. The name of the Chipko movement originated from the word ’embrace’ as the villagers used to hug the trees and protect them from wood cutters from cutting them. In 1731, the king of Jodhpur in Rajasthan asked one of his ministers to arrange wood for constructing a new palace. The minister and workers went to a forest near a village, inhabited by Bishnois, to cut down trees. A Bishnoi woman Amrita Devi showed exemplary courage by hugging a tree and daring king’s men to cut her first before cutting the tree. The tree mattered much more to her than her own life. Sadly, the king’s men did not heed to her pleas, and cut down the tree along with Amrita Devi. The chipko protests achieved a major victory in 1980 with a 15 years ban on tree felling in the Himalayan forests of the state by the order of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

News: President Droupadi Murmu to be Chief Guest on occasion of National Energy Conservation Day at New Delhi.

Earthquake of 4.8 Magnitude hits Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 2nd in two days.

IPL 2023 mini-auction to begin from 2.30 pm on December 23; 405 players to go under hammer

Words for the day:

Malaise – feeling of unease

Malice – desire to harm someone

Mascot – a person or thing supposed to bring good luck

Martinet – a person who enforces strict discipline

Maxim – a sentence expressing a general truth or rule of behaviour

Name of the students:

Prayer – Harshit

Pledge – Akshat Raj

Thought – Roushan Kumar

News – Aadya

Speech – Abhi Raj

Host – Mishika 

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