Assembly-18th January

18th January.                           Assembly.                   Class IV

Theme: Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar 

Thought:If a person wants to become big, then he should do even the smallest work, because only self-help is the best.

Speech: Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a great Indian philosopher, social reformer, and writer. He was born in 1820 in Calcutta and died in 1891. He was a very important figure in the Bengal Renaissance. He is a key figure in the history of modern Indian education. Vidyasagar was one of the earliest advocates for widow remarriage in India. He was also a strong opponent of child marriage. He wrote several books on philosophy, sociology, and literature. One of his most famous books is a translation of the Bhagavad Gita into the Bengali language. He went to college at Krishnagar Government College. After graduating from college he took a job as a translator for the English government. In 1848 Vidyasagar entered politics and joined the Brahmo Samaj, a religious movement in Bengal founded by Ram Mohan Roy. His work helped to promote education and social reform in India.

News: School Assembly

India wins the 3rd ODI against Sri Lanka by 317 runs, making it a large difference in the scores, and wins the ODI series by 3-0.

Women’s IPL to be launched by March 2023.

Words for the day: 

rabble – disorderly crowd

racket – a loud unpleasant noise

raconteur – a person who tells story in an entertaining way

radiant – showing joy or health

radical – of the basic nature of something 

Name of the students:

Prayer – Gopi Kumari

Pledge – Ujjwal Singh

Thought – Shristi Sharma

News – Samanyu M Kumar

Speech – Shreyansh Kumar

Host – Siddhant Kumar

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