Assembly- 19th April 22

Theme: Art forms around the world

Thought: Before a child talks they sing. Before they write they draw. As
soon as they stand they dance. Art is fundamental to human

Speech: Art is an expansive field that surrounds several areas. People
interpret it as per their understanding, but it would not be wrong to say
that art means transferring artists’ imagination from their minds to
canvas, screens, books, or on other platforms. Art is all about creativity,
and it has no bounds. It is a medium in which artists describe and
convey their emotions. It is a means of expressing oneself.
Some of the popular art forms around the world are- Ballet Dancing,
painting, creating stories, photography, sculpture etc.

• Three Chinese astronauts returned to earth on Saturday after
183 days in space, state television reported, completing the
country’s longest crewed space mission to date.
• PM Narendra Modi said that the nation will have a record
number of doctors in the next 10 years with at least one medical
college in each district.

Words for the day:

  1. Expansive – covering a wide area.
  2. Elicit – to get (a response) from someone.
  3. Indigenous- existing naturally in a particular place
  4. Leap – a sudden increase or jump in the air.
  5. Norm – a pattern or standard

Name of students:

  1. Prayer – Mayank
  2. Pledge – Navya
  3. Thought – Aarav
  4. Speech – Aditi
  5. News – Aayushi

Music Band:

  1. Aamna Fatima
  2. Aaradhya Sha
  3. Arpita Singh
  4. Mishika
  5. Vanshika Thakur

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