Assembly-19th December

19th December.                        Assembly.                     Class Nur and Prep

Theme: Winter season

Thought:’‘Winter forms our character and brings out our best.”.

Speech: Winter is very cold and chilly season. The wind becomes soft & cool.

People wear warm clothes and drink hot coffees. Many people like adventure, trekking & picnic in winter.

Winter season gives us many fruits like apples, oranges, papayas etc. . Apart from fruits many great fresh vegetables like raddish, carrot, onion, turnip etc grow in winter.

In high hilly areas , there happens rain and hailstrom in winter season. Due to heavy rain and snowfall the routine life gets disturbed.

The normal life like school, offices, business etc become impacted. Winter is a blessing, it is infact very necessary for us.

Words for the day:

oppress (verb) – to treat a group of people in a cruel and unfair way

grieve(verb) – to feel great sadness

laden (adj) – having or carrying a lot of something

luxury (noun) – a pleasure which you do not often have

bliss (noun) – perfect happiness

Name of the students:

Prayer – Navya,Pihu, Dhruvi, Siddhi, Sanaya, Vedanshi, Ridhaan, Kavya

Pledge – Devansh, Daivish,Arianna, Yuvaan, Aayushman, Rishav, Vedansh, Devansh

Thought – 

Speech – Reyansh, Mehul, Haya, Viraj, Kunj

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