Assembly-19th July

19th July                      Assembly            Class IV

Theme: Importance of Animals

Thought: Animals are a blessing to God’s creation. He created them to assist mankind in many ways.

Speech: Animals play an essential role in human life and planet earth. Ever since an early time, humans have been using animals for their benefit. Earlier, they came in use for transportation purposes.

Further, they also come in use for food, hunting and protection. Humans use oxen for farming. Animals also come in use as companions to humans. For instance, dogs come in use to guide the physically challenged people as well as old people.

In research laboratories, animals come in use for drug testing. Rats and rabbits are mostly tested upon. These researches are useful in predicting any future diseases outbreaks. Thus, we can protect us from possible harm.

Thus, animals play an important role on our planet earth and in human lives. Therefore, it is our duty as humans to protect animals for a better future. Otherwise, the human race will not be able to survive without the help of the other animals.

News:Parts of Europe are reeling under a severe heatwave condition due to wildfires raging across Portugal, Spain, France and Greece.

The weather forecaster issued its first-ever red “extreme heat” warning for parts of England on Monday and Tuesday. With the Met office forecasting that the temperature could reach 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in the country, a national emergency has been declared for the two days.

Words for the day:

Appetite – One’s hunger for food

Parched – To be extremely hot and dry and need water

Strive –  To make your best effort to do something

Avert – To turn away from or prevent

Lunge – To move forward suddenly

Name of the students:

Prayer – Siddhant

Pledge – Gopi

Thought – Shreyansh

News – Annanya

Speech – Ishaan

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