Assembly-20th July

20th July              Assembly          Class VIII and I

Theme: Fantastic flyers- Animals that fly

Thought: A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself.

Speech:Birds are important in our lives because they are the only animal which can fly. They are the only animal which can explore and migrate to any area of the world. Birds also provide food for other animals with their eggs, their meat and with their feathers. Birds also help us by controlling pests like mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

Birds are amongst the most disparate people of creatures on the planet, with over 3,000 different species. They come in a range of sizes, but they always have feathers and wings, which allow them to soar through the air.

Birds are vertebrates, meaning they have a backbone, and they belong to the class Aves. There are around 10,000 different species of birds in the world today, with new species being identified every year.


  • The Supreme Court on Tuesday transferred petitions challenging the Agnipath military recruitment scheme to the Delhi High Court, saying that the mounting number of pleas in the matter is neither “desirable nor proper”
  • Telangana has been witnessing a flood-like situation due to heavy rainfall and it has caused inundation in several areas. Heavy rains lashed Telangana for about seven days and has caused severe damage to agricultural crops.

Words for the day:

Summon – make an effort to produce

cuddled– hold close in one’s arms as a way of showing love or affection.

fluency– the ability to express oneself easily

perished– lose its normal qualities; rot or decay.

massive– exceptionally large.

Name of the students:

Prayer – Hem Aryan

Pledge – Shrish Aryan

Thought – Amrit

News – Ayush

Speech (English) – Kundan

Speech(Hindi) – Prince

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