Assembly-20th May

20th May,22 Assembly Class VIII

Theme: Achievement of Florence Nightingale

Speech: Florence Nightingale is most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods. For most of her ninety years, Nightingale pushed for reform of the British military health-care system and with that the profession of nursing started to gain the respect it deserved. Florence Nightingale’s two greatest life achievements—pioneering of nursing and the reform of hospitals—were amazing considering that most Victorian women of her age group did not attend universities or pursue professional careers. It was her father, William Nightingale, who believed women, especially his children, should get an education. So Nightingale and her sister learned Italian, Latin, Greek, history, and mathematics. In 1854, after a year as a unpaid superintendent of a London “establishment for gentlewomen during illness,” the Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert, recruited Nightingale and 38 nurses for service during the Crimean War.

• In a historical step to be inclusive in the world of football, FIFA has decided that they will include three women referees in their global showpiece event set to be held in Qatar later this year.
• For the first time in Gujarat, a ‘Human Library’ has been set up in Junagadh. The library will be a medium of emotional conversation between people.

Name of the students:
Prayer – Kundan
Pledge – Prince
News – Amrit
Speech – Aayush

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