Assembly – 20th October

20th October.                       Assembly.                        Class VI

Theme: Rann Utsav

Thought: The Great Indian Rann Of Kutch is the land of white sand and one of India’s prized possession.

Speech: The Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is known not only for its contrasting and awe-inspiring landscape but also for its 4-month long desert festivity – Rann Utsav – that glorifies the colorful culture and traditions, aesthetic art and crafts and generous Kutchi hospitality of the region. The desert plains of Rann of Kutch transform into an oasis of domestic and foreign tourists during Rann Utsav, which is organized by Gujarat Tourism every year during winter. Rann Utsav, the carnival of music, dance and folklore, offers an excellent opportunity to the tourists to indulge in leisure, pleasure, and merriment. The wholesome package of nature’s splendor, fun, entertainment, adventure, leisure, sightseeing, and cultural ecstasy is explored during the festival.


  • China Blocks India-US Move At UN Again On Blacklisting Pak-Based Terrorist
  • New airbase near Indo-Pak border to emerge as effective centre for country’s security: PM Modi.
  • Australia probes claims China recruited ex-air force pilots.

Words for the day:

1. Accolade – Praise or Approval

2. Contravane – Brake a law

3. Cranny – very small hole or opening

4. Delusion – False belief

5. Demarcate – Fix the limits

Name of the students:

Prayer – Aarush Kumar

Pledge – Md. Hassan Karim

Thought – Mishika

News – Aadya

Speech- Ranbir

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