Assembly-21st December

21st December.                    Assembly.                      Class III

Theme: Gender equality is a human fight, not a female fight.

Thought: Men and women have their roles, their roles are different but their rights are equal.

Speech: As we all know, society is deeply patriarchal and has always prioritised men over women. As a result, women have been constantly deprived of their rights in every field. However, women are equal to men in all respects and deserve to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as them. Thus, we need to combat the issue of deep-seated gender inequality so that women can one day enjoy the same status as men. Gender equality can only be achieved when we demolish the patriarchy that constantly devalues women, and we need to actively work to bring about this change. Everyday women everywhere are battling society to achieve equality.

News: Google CEO Sundar Pichai meets PM Modi, assures support to India’s G20 presidency.

1st Joint Finance & Health Task Force Meeting under India’s G20 presidency to be held virtually.

Himachal weather update: No snowfall as temperature rises above normal, tourists disappointed.

Words for the day:

crave – to want and need to have something very much

deranged – thinking and behaving in a way that is not normal

ferocious – very aggressive and violent

evident– clearly seen or understood; obvious.

redundant – not or no longer needed or useful

Names of the students:

Prayer – Adwika Pathak

Pledge – Ayushman Jha

Thought – virat

News – Anmol Sharan

Speech – Bhairavvi

Host – Vaibhav Anand

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