Assembly-22nd July

22nd July.                  Assembly.                Class 6

Theme: National Flag Adoption Day

Thought:We all are united with one land, one country, and one flag…. No matter how different we are but our flag binds us into one strong force

Speech: The Flag Adoption Day is a very significant event in the Indian calendar to be celebrated on the 22nd of July. It is a national event which the people of every religion and region celebrate without any mutual discrimination. The flag adoption day is a celebration of the approval of the Indian national flag called ‘Tiranga’.

After getting independence from British rule on 15th August 1947, India needed its national flag. An Indian freedom fighter Pingali Venkayya took the responsibility of designing the Indian flag. The Indian constitution and its assembly adored and adopted his flag on 22 July 1947. Since then, the great moment became a prideful celebration for every Indian.

News:The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will conduct the first abort demonstration test on India’s ambitious astronaut mission by the end of this year. The test will be conducted on the crew module being designed and developed indigenously by Isro to test the abort safety feature in case of an emergency.

Words for the day:

radical –  far beyond the norm

steadily –  in a continuous manner

defiant – boldly resisting authority or an opposing force

mandate –  a formal statement of a command to do something

default – an option that is selected automatically

Name of students:

Prayer – Shlok

Pledge – Aarush

Thought – Roushan

News – Keshav

Speech – Ansh

Anchor – Aamna

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