Assembly- 22th April 22

Theme: Earth Day

Thought: let us listen to the voice of unborn generations and make the
earth the hospitable place that any human being deserves.

Speech(English): Earth Day is annually observed on 22nd April
throughout the world to celebrate and honour planet earth, and its
natural environment. The Earth Day movement is primarily aimed at
protecting and conserving the environment. The celebration of Earth
Day that first begun in 1970 is not held in more than 190 countries. On
this day, people are encouraged to appreciate the natural world and to
take part in environment friendly activities such as planting a tree, or
sharing a car.
Environmental issues have posed serious threats to the sustainability of
natural earth. On the occasion of Earth Day, the most serious
environment related issues such as pollution, global warming, climate
change, acid rain, ozone layer depletion are discussed.
The Earth Day celebration can bring a visible change if we all choose to
make actions towards a green world.

• April 22nd, 2022 marked the 52
nd anniversary of the Earth Day. The theme for
the 2022 event is invest in our planet.
• .The two biggest polluters of the world China and US have agreed to work
together in tackling climate change issues.

धरती कह रही हैं बार बार
सुन लो मनुष्य मेरी पुकार,
बड़े बड़े महलों को बना के
मत डालो मुझ पर भार
पेड़ पौधों को नष्ट करके ,
मत उजाड़ो मेरा संसार,
धरती की बस यही पुकार!!
मैं हु सबकी जीवन दाता
मैं हु सबकी भाग्य ववधाता,
करने मुझे सब जीवो पर उपकार,
मत करो मेरे पहाड़ों पर ववस्फ़ोटक वार,
मत उजाड़ो मेरा संसार,
धरती की बस यही पुकार!!

Words for the day:

  1. Alien – belonging to a different group or country
  2. Brook – to tolerate or bear something
  3. Console – to comfort or to give moral support
  4. Conspire – joined by making secret plans
  5. Elapse – to pass or move by

Name of the students:

  1. Prayer – Gopi
  2. Pledge – Shreyansh
  3. Thought – Lawanya
  4. News – Shidhant
  5. Speech(English) – Aayanah
  6. Speech(Hindi) – Ishaan
  7. Poem – Samanyu

Music band
Aamna Fatima
Aaradhya Sha
Arpita Singh
Vanshika Thakur

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