Assembly 24th august

24thAugust Assembly Class-VI
Theme–Balance between sports and academics
Thought– While academics provide knowledge,a sport
teaches the invaluable traits of teamwork, leadership,
persistence, hard work, respect towards others, stress
management,continuous enhancementofone’s skills,and
most importantly–acceptance of success and failure in an
unfazed manner.
Speech– There are many research findings which highlight
that children dabbling with both sports and academics are
better focused, as discipline, concentration, and timemanagement learned
through sports come handy.Finding a
balancebetween sports and academics is essential for the
modern student,and our EduSports’programmes and coaches,
alongwith the teachers and parents,can play a pivotal role in
providing the required support Striking the right balance
between academics and sports can be a thorn in the flesh and
would require a team approach to achieve it.
The proposed bullet train corridor between Delhi an dVaranasi
hit a roadblock after theRailwayBoard rejected the feasibility
report of the project.
UK will be recruiting healthworkers from Nepal to offset labour
shortage in the country.
Indian men’s volleyball team bagged bronze in AsianU-18
Championship held in Tehran
Words for the day:
turmoil-a state o fgreat disturbance, confusion
enhancement-an improvement that makes something better.
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