Assembly-25th November

25th November.                        Assembly.                    Class II

Theme: Constitution Day

Thought: Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.

Speech: Constitution Day is also referred to as Samvidhan Divas in literal terms in India. The day is commemorated to celebrate and honor Dr. Bhim Rao (B.R.) Ambedkar who was the father of our constitution. He drafted the constitution with systematic research and analysis and that is the reason why our constitution is considered to be the supreme document of India. It had a vision of future and an inert message of peace and tranquility.

News: The government is planning to upgrade nearly 2.5 lakh ration or fair price shops into one-stop shops providing e-services to customers.

Union fertilizer secretary Arun Singhal has confirmed that there is no shortage of fertilizer in the country.

Words for the day: 

amiss – out of order

bleak – not hopeful

chide – to criticize

cope – to deal effectively

current – happening now

Name of the students: 

Prayer – Athar Anand

Pledge – Aaradhya

News – Aarav Singh

Thought – Mayank Ranjan

Speech – Aditi Arya

Host – Adriti Vashishtha

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