Assembly- 26th April 2022

Theme: Major inventions of the world.

Thought: Necessity may be the mother of invention, but invention
brings its own benefits as these brilliant inventors have shown.

Speech: Humans see problems and immediately start thinking of ways
to fix them in the community, at work, at school, and at home by
creating a new tool or technology. For example, microwaves were
invented to heat food quickly, calendars were made to keep track of
time, and computers were developed to process and store data. Many
inventions have completely changed our lifestyles, like the invention of
electricity. Other inventions merely make life more convenient, like
dishwashers and lint rollers. Some of the most impactful inventions of
the nineteenth century that changed the way we live were the
telephone, the bicycle, and plastic.

NEWS: ISRO has said that it will be trying to launch the awaited mission
by August this year, however, it seems difficult since several hardware
testing remains to be done. The Department of Space in a written
response in February this year had said that work is underway on
Chandrayaan-3 and it will be launched in August this year.

Words for the day:
Clamber – to climb up, across some place
Decade – a period of ten years
Gaunt – very thin or pale because of illness
Fickle – to change your opinion suddenly
Hoary – showing characteristics of age.

Name of the students:
Prayer – Rudra
Pledge – Navya
Thought – Mayank
Speech – Aditi
News – Adriti

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