Assembly- 27th April, 2022

Theme: Tribal groups

Thought: The tribe has a vested interest in making sure that the
resources are protected for the future generations. Its not part of a
tribal culture to decimate a resource.

Speech: In India, travel communities have been residing since the past
and even in the present existence there are tribal groups throughout
the country. Travel groups are the people that are normally isolated
and dwell in forests and hilly areas, the educational levels are low
amongst them and they are engaged in various kinds of jobs such as
selling products, some migrate to other regions to work as agricultural
labourers and so forth. This research paper focuses upon the lifestyle of
the tribals and the main areas that have been highlighted are
demographic status of scheduled Tribes population and its distribution,
effect of globalization on tribals, tribes and outside , education of the
tribal groups and nutrition programming for tribal children. These areas
provide the information that how tribals lead their daily lives and how
globalization, technology advancements, educational institutions and
rules, policies and norms implemented by the government and other
authorities have influenced the lives of the tribal people. Investing in
intensification of the leadership of organized tribal community
associations over a period of time to support service deliverance, find
out their requirements, encouraging the modification of behaviour and
awareness is important.

• Egyptian archaeologists unearthed the ruins of a temple for the
ancient Greek god Zeus in the Sinai Peninsula
• The Global Energy Monitor (GEM) report found that global coal
plant capacity grew 18.2 gigawatts to about 2,100 GW. Scientists
and activists have urged the world to move off coal to cleaner
energy sources such as solar and wind power and, in some cases,
nuclear power.

Words for the day:
Misgiving – a feeling of doubt about the outcome
Paramount – to be more important than anything else
Ponder – to carefully think about something deeply
Towering – extremely tall
Alliance – a group of people formed to work together

Name of the students:
Prayer – Kundan
Pledge – Vanshika
Thought – Arpita
Speech – Kundan
News – Akshaj

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