Assembly-27th July

27th July             Assembly           Class VIII and I

Theme: Jungle safari

Thought: Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations. There is nothing better than experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat!

Speech: Safari means an expedition or caravan. The Great South African Safari takes one through the beautiful natural sites and wildlife sanctuaries located in eight countries. South Africa is one of the most popular safari destinations because of its extraordinary diversity with exotic culture, breath-taking wildlife. lush green landscapes, the dry savannas where animals roam freely. the majestic mountains, the eroded clay of the desert that somehow manages to sustain life. and the stifling cities with looming skyscrapers. Over 300 game reserves and national parks make it possible to search out specific animal species or an overview of the natural world. There are cosmopolitan cities, world renowned vineyards, and stunning beaches on the Cape, and the picturesque Garden route which follows the coast between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The two small countries of Swaziland and Lesotho which are virtually embedded in South Africa, and offer unique opportunities in terms of specialized animal species.

News: Black Holes, objects that defy the laws of physics and are so powerful that even light does not escape their horizon, have more command over the working of the universe than we had imagined. Supermassive black holes, said to be present at the center of every galaxy, command the fate of stars in their galaxy.

Words for the day

blert – a person who is weak or useless, a cowardly person

angried – someone who is troubled or upset as a result of being angry

angeliferous – a person with a beautiful, sweet or innocent face, like that of an angel

angsting – someone who is worrying or agonizing over something

unrestrained – not restrained or restricted.

Name of the students:

prayer – Punya Shree

pledge – Prakrit

Thought – Kundan

News – Amrit

Speech – Ayush

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