Assembly-28th November

28th November.                        Assembly.                       Class VI

Theme: Invention of Telephone

Thought: The day will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking. – Alexander Graham Bell

Speech: The invention of the telephone was approximately 120 years ago.  It can be considered one of the best inventions in the world.  This device was created in 1871 and uses electrical signals to allow sound to travel long distances.  It has changed and evolved from the first telephone that was based on the telegraph to nowadays where we have smart phones.  Because of this invention, telephone companies were created. This device helps and permits people to communicate from one place to another, even while being far away.  The telephone has changed and evolved throughout the years and has helped the human beings in many ways.

News: The UPSC has released the notice to announce Civil Services Mains (CSM 2022) Result 2022 soon on the official website.

NEET SS 2022 Counselling Round 1 registration process has begun on the official website.

Words for the day:

Pensive – thinking deeply and quietly about something serious

Gaze – look steadily for a long time

Stirred –to move or make somebody/something move slightly

Folly –an act that is not sensible and may have a bad result

Renowned – known or talked about by many people; famous.

Name of the students:

Prayer – Arpita Singh

Pledge – Aaradhaya Sha

Thought – Akshaj Shuban

News – Aarush Kumar

Speech – Ansh Vikas

Host – Aamna Fatima

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