Assembly-28th September

28th September.              Assembly.                   Class VI

Theme: Favourite Author

Thought: That’s the main thing about books, they let you travel without moving your feet.

Speech: Munshi Premchand is my favorite and ideal litterateur. He was a major pillar of Hindi literature who presented a unique gift of stories and novels to the Hindi world. Not only litterateurs but can also be called social reformers in the true sense because in their works they have depicted various shades of exploitation, poverty, caste ill-will, nostalgia etc. of Indian rural life. He felt the pain and sensation of India very well and his voices are still resonating in the public mind through his compositions. Munshi Premchand ji was born in a village named Lamhi in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. His father was Shri Ajaib Rai and mother was Anandi Devi. The real name of Premchand ji was Dhanpat Rai, but later he became famous in the literary world as ‘Munshi Premchand’.

News: The centre has issued a revised target for reducing pollution in cities after seeing an improvement in 95 cities. According to the new guidelines, the new target is 40% by 2025-26 from the earlier target of 20%-30% by 2024.

iPhone 14 to be manufactured in India in Chennai facility.

WhatsApp begins 32-member group video call testing.

Words for the day:

dainty – delicately small and pretty

dampen – make less strong or intense.

dandle – move (a baby) up and down in a playful or affectionate way.

dapper – neat and trim in dress and appearance

denigrate – criticize unfairly; disparage.

Name of the students:

Prayer – Md. Hassan Karim

Pledge – Aarush Kumar

Thought – Mishika

News – Ranbir Aryan

Speech – Shlok Bhargav

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