Assembly-29th July

29th June                     Assembly              Class V

Theme –  Civilised society.

Thought: People among people, such should be the way of life in a civilized society, not people against people.

Speech: Education is one of the most fundamental aspects of a civilized society. The mark of a strong civilization is one that educates its young to be as open-minded and compassionate as possible, one that trains them to understand the past and work towards a better future. Education holds the key to societal progress, which is why when repressive dictators take power, one of the first things they do is strip power from universities and rewrite grade school curriculums. When educated people are given a choice, they always choose the path of light over the path of darkness, the path of inclusivity and tolerance of that of intolerance and fear.

News: After successfully returning samples from the Moon, landing, and roving on Mars in their first attempt, China is set to launch the first solar-powered plant in space. The project is already in its initial stages and the agency aims to launch it by 2028, two years ahead of the earlier estimated time.

Words for the day:

Abandon – to leave or disappear

Advocate – to talk publicly in favour of something or someone

Cardinal – prime importance

Comprehend – to understand

Compress – flatten by pressure, squeeze

Name of students:

Prayer – Lakshya

Pledge – Pranav

Thought – Kuwam

News – Swarnim

Speech – Divyam

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