Assembly-29th November

29th November.                         Assembly.                      Class V

Theme: invention of zero

Thought: Turning zero from a punctuation mark into a number paved the way for everything from algebra to algorithms.

Speech: The discovery of Zero is the greatest abstraction of the human mind. It is not wrong to say that the concept or the invention of zero was revolutionary in mathematics. Zero is a symbol for the concept of nothingness or having nothing. It gives rise the ability for a common person to be able to do mathematics isn’t. Before it, mathematicians struggled to perform the simplest arithmetic calculations. Now a day’s zero both as a numeric symbol and a concept help us to do calculus, in solving complicated equations and is the basis of a computer.

News: Martyrs are remembered on the 14th anniversary of the 26/11 terror attacks.

Can the RBI assist those who genuinely failed to exchange old notes, the Supreme Court wonders?

The Army will procure simulators to train the first batch of Agniveers. The first batch of Agnipath recruits will begin training next month.

Free and governed by rules The Indo-Pacific is critical to the development of the region.

Words for the day:

madcap – reckless

manly – brave or strong

maniac – a person who behaves very wildly or violently

marginal – minor and not important

maunder – talk in a rambling manner

Name of the students:

Prayer – Payoja Kumari

Pledge – Priyansh Ranjan Shrivastwa

Thought – Lakshya

News – Pranav Aryan

Speech – Swarnim

Host – Kuwam Mishra

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