Assembly-2nd December

2nd December.                     Assembly.                      Class II

Theme: Taking care of eyes

Thought: There are plenty of beautiful things to see in this world, and yet many of us never stop to truly look at the world.

Speech: Eye care is an integral part of health care. Eyes are essential to perform our daily tasks. Any impairment in our vision may lead to our dependency on others. It significantly affects ourfamily and community. There is a need to understand the importance of routine eye care and the steps to be followed to maintain healthy eyes. Depending upon your level of activity and age, you should provide rest toyour eyes. Do not watch your mobile in dim light or no light. 

News: For the first time, women will be included in the BSF camel contingent for the Republic Day parade in 2023.

The President of India inaugurates the International Gita Mahotsav in Kurukshetra.

Words for the day:

aggregate – a whole formed by combining several separate elements

attired – be dressed in clothes of a specified kind.

forthwith – immediately; without delay

intimate – state or make known.

prodigal – having or giving something on a lavish scale

Name of the students:

Prayer – Mridul Kumar

Pledge – Rishav Kumar

Thought – Rudra Pratap Singh

News – Vidisha Vikas

Speech – Navya Goel

Host – Ayushi

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