Assembly 2nd september

2nd September                 Assembly          Class-Nur & Prep

Theme –  Teachers day

Thought –The best teachers are the ones who inspire their students.


1. Parents give us life and teachers give way to our life.

2. We should always obey and respect our teachers.

3. Thank you teachers for everything.

Words for the day:

skyscraper – a very tall building of many storeys

abstruse – difficult to understand

contrite – expressing pain or sorrow

extol – praise, glorify

cunning – clever

Name of the students:

Prayer: Aadhvan Vats

Pledge: Kavya

Thought: Deva hi bnsh Pratap

Speech: Ariket Dubey

Rhymes – Rishav Dhari, Viraj, Navya, Aayushman

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