Assembly – 4th November

4th November.                          Assembly.                       Class III

Theme: A day in the life of a child

Thought: life can be only understood backward but it must be lived forwards.

Speech: Life is a continuous ongoing process that has to end someday. Life is all about adoring yourself, creating yourself. Life itself is a golden opportunity to live a meaningful life and support others to do so. It doesn’t matter how many years you live. But it matters how well you live a quality life.

News: The West Bengal government has instructed its State Public Works Department’s engineers and officials to inspect 2,109 bridges in the state

Words for the day:

naive – innocent

nasty – behaving in an unpleasant or spiteful way.

nefarious – wicked or criminal

negate – make ineffective

nagging – persistently painful or worrying.

Name of the students:

Prayer – Hrithvik M.P

Pledge – Udabhav Singh

Thought – Ranveer Kumar

News– Vaibhav Anand

Speech – Samarth Bhardwaj

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