Assembly- 6th April 22

                            CLASS IV

Theme – Dreams do, come true.

Thought: “The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”

Speech: Understand that greatness is not achieved without failure and dreams don’t turn into reality without encountering a dozen disappointments on the way. But only the one who has a dream, and who wants it so bad that he can give up on everything to have it can be the one who finally says that all his dreams came true!

Remember that the path which leads to your dreams is never an easy one and often the only person in the world who will see your vision is YOU. This is the path that will lead you through the darkest nooks and allies inside your heart and soul. You might freeze with fear, you might want to give up because it will often feel like a never ending battle. Before you give up on your dreams, don’t forget that the people who change the world are not the ones who never felt fearful.


  • The Vishwa Hindu Parishad planned to take out over 1000 rallies throughout west Bengal on the occasion of Ram Navmi.
  • The government of India banned 22 YouTube channels in the country on Tuesday for spreading fake news.
  • The comet will be at its closet to earth on May 8, sweeping about 82 million kilometers from the planet.

Words of the day.

Abandon- to leave place, thing or person, usually forever.

Balmy- pleasantly warm

Apprehend- to understand

Approach- reach

Appetite- hunger

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