Assembly- 7th April 22

Class: – VI
Topic: – World Health Day.

Thought: – keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the
whole cosmos- the trees, the clouds, and everything.

Speech: – World Health Organization every year on 7th April, celebrates health
day worldwide. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people
about the benefit of remaining healthy. If we spread awareness about different
diseases among the people; we will be able to help people who suffer from those
The World Health Organization was formed in Geneva in 1948. On 7th April, the
world health assembly was held for the first time, and on that day, it was decided
that every year on 7th April, we will celebrate the day based on different themes.
For the year 2022, the theme is our planet our health.

NEWS: On 5th April 2022, a mascot named ‘Prakriti’ was launched by Bhupendra
Yadav, Union environment minister. This mascot was launched with the aim of
spreading awareness among the people of the country about the small changes
that can contribute to a better environment for the nation’s future generations.

Words of the day:

  1. Bold – Daring
  2. Bond – Agreement
  3. Bondage – Slavery
  4. Bony – Lean and thin
  5. Boon – Blessing

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