Assembly-7th December

7th December.                Assembly.                           Class V

Theme: Save forest save the environment 

Thought: Plant more trees; make the environment pollution free. If you cut a tree, you kill a life. If you save a tree, you save a life.

Speech: trees are the essence of our life. Can you think of your life without trees? Certainly, not. Human life is impossible without trees. They are the main source of our oxygen supply. We almost get all the essentials from trees that are required for our survival. They not only give us food but also give us wood to build our houses, protect our soil from erosion, prevent global warming, maintain the weather and filter our air.

News: FIFA World Cup 2022: Neymar propels Brazil to the quarterfinals with a 4-1 thrashing of South Korea.

After securing a place in the quarterfinals, Brazilian players paid tribute to Pele in a special gesture.

Words for the day:

shred – a very small amount of something

replendent – brightly coloured in an attractive and impressive way

prodigal – spending money freely and rather wastefully

gesture – something that you do that shows other people what you think or feel

thrashing – a bad defeat in a game

Name of the students:

Prayer – Aarav 

Pledge – Aganveer

Thought – Payoja Kumari

News – Shreya Ranjan / Arnav

Speech – Divyam

Host -Pranav Aryan

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