Assembly- 8th April 22

Class: V
Theme: Discipline

Thought: Talent is nothing without dedication and discipline, and dedication and discipline is a talent in

Speech: It is said that discipline can shape the future of a student. Obviously, it is true but not only
limited to students. Discipline holds equal value for every human who follows it and can define anyone’s
bright future.
If you have set a goal to achieve something, you should have proper planning. And to execute your plan,
discipline plays a crucial role. Without discipline , you won’t be able to achieve what you planned to.
That is why someone said, “ If you failed to plan , you planned to fail.”

News: The Indian government has introduced the Indian Antarctic Bill-2022, around 40 years after the
country had first signed the Antarctic Treaty. This bill has been introduced to monitor and regulate
activities at its research stations that are located in Antarctica.

Words of the day:
1. Daft – Foolish
2. Daggle – To run through mud and water
3. Dally – To delay
4. Dazzle – Very bright
5. Dearth – Scarcity or lack of something

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