Assembly-8th July

8th July                    Assembly               Class III

Theme – Experience.

Thought – Experience is a comb that nature gives us when we are bald.

Speech– Experiences could be good, like helping a person in need, or it could be bad like losing money on a risky investment. However, what is important, is that we learn from them, so that we can profit from our good experience. Ask a child not to play with a match box for it can harm him, will probably have no impact on him, but once he has scorched his hand by the match stick, he will never in his lifetime forget this lesson. Thus, we learn very meticulously from personal experience, rather than by adhering to advise of others, or by reading about them from books or periodicals.

It is however a wise man who learns from the experiences of others, like his parents, teachers or those elder to him. He also profits from books that are a virtual treasure house of knowledge and experience of others.

News– British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to step down from the top post amid a wave of resignations from the Conservative government.

Words for the day:

  • Defile
  • Durable
  • Exact
  • Entreat
  • Frenzy

Name of the students

Prayer – Virat

Pledge – Samarth

Thought – Udbhav

News – Anmol

Speech – Hritwik

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