Assembly-8th October

8th October.               Assembly.             Class III

Theme: Navratri

Thought: During festivals, people are open to each other and prone to accepting differing views.

Speech: Navratri is a festival in which people joyously worship Goddess Durga. Indians celebrate this festival with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. Further, the meaning of ‘Nav’ is nine and ‘Ratri’ refers to night. Thus, the festival derives its name as we celebrate it over a period of nine nights. The people living in the North-eastern and Eastern states refer to it as Durga Puja. We celebrate the nine days of this festival as a dedication to the nine incarnations of the Goddess Durga. On the first day, she is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. Similarly, we depict her as the direct incarnation of Mahakali. 

NewsTurkish Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Kolkata For ill Passenger.

India Capitals won the Legends League Championship by defeating Bhilwara Kings by 104 runs.

In the 1st ODI, South Africa won by 9 runs against India.

Words for the day:

incarnation – a person who embodies in the flesh a deity, spirit, or quality.

depict – represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form.

enthusiasm – intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

berate – scold or criticize (someone) angrily.

brazen – bold and without shame

Name of the students:

Prayer – Ranveer Kumar

Pledge – Samarth Bhardwaj

Thought – Udabhav Singh

News – Hrithvik M.P

Speech – Vaibhav Anand

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